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Chad LB Virtual Pentatonic Masterclass

Chad Press Shot Bridge.jpg


Pentatonics Overview (15 min)

What are Pentatonic Scales and how do they work harmonically? What Pentatonic Scales work over what chords? 

 Inside Pentatonics (20 min)

How Do I Use Pentatonic Scales for Inside Playing? How can I solo melodically and harmoniously with Pentatonics? How can use them to play melodically over one chord vamps and jazz standard chord progressions like II-V-Is?

 Building Pentatonic Technique (20 min) 

What Patterns Can I Use? How can I use Pentatonic Patterns to play fluidly with Pentatonics? How can I play lines that sound impressive and effective? How can I build my technique with Pentatonics?

 Pentatonic Shifting (20 min) 

Pentatonic Shifting - How can I use tension and release to create hip Pentatonic Lines? How can I get that cool inside/out effect with Pentatonics?


Q & A (15 min)

Ask Chad any of your questions on Pentatonics!

Apr 29, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT
Zoom Webinar
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